Web Hosting
GIECOM.NET will host your web site insuring a constant web presence for your business.

If this is your first experience with a web site we can provide that economical first step. with experience and greater clarity we can together enhance your web site to reflect your more sophisticated requirements.

Domain Registration
Let us help you select and register a domain name for your business. Once registered your domain name becomes an integral part of your business identity. Domains can be registered for up to five years at a time. With timely renewal your domain name will last forever.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
The selection and use of keywords is critical in the battle to win search engine placement and having your potential customers find your web site on the web. Let our expert insure your keywords are both site specific and competitive. That your keywords are integrated into the right sections of your html code. We can design your web site in light of your competitor's web site, knowing when to synchronize and when to differentiate.

Our direct affiliation with the E-Commerce news source provides the opportunity to place your business directly before potential customers on a weekly basis. The on-line newspaper is experiencing over 5000 unique visitors a week and continues to grow at a better than 25% rate per year.